WAGON BAR Rail Terminal – Sarakhs

The Wagon Bar’s rail terminal with about 16800m2 is under construction inside Sarakhs railway station area. Since this station is close to the Turkmenistan border it has a strategic position by its rail route between CIS countries and Persian Gulf (Via Bandar Abbas) and Europe (via Turkey) The main goal of building this rail terminal is transshipment of consignments from Iranian/European/Turkish wagons to CIS/Russian wagons and also for cargo storage. In this terminal there are both wide and normal rail lines adjacent to each other. The concrete platform between these tow line, makes the transshipment of cargoes possible for covered wagons. Some other facilities of this terminal are as below:
  • Special platform for loading & unloading of automobiles to wagons
  • Loading of heavy machineries on platform
  • Crane for transshipment of heavy cargoes and containers
  • Covered depot for temporary storage of goods which need space
  • Dock area for temporary provisional storage of containers and cargoes which could be maintained in outdoor environment
  • 60MT weighbridge for trucks
  • A 2 storey administrative building with about 300m2 area for inhabiting customs staff and quarantine
  • Fire extinguishing system and video surveillance of the terminal site