Rail Freight Services

Wagon Bar group is a leading international transport company specially in rail freight, having created mutual connections to Iranian rail way experts and by cooperation its active branches in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey, is well prepared to offer a vast variety of rail freight services, at the most competitive rate and at the shortest period of time. Major routes which our company is active in are as follows:
  • From CIS to Afghanistan & vice versa
  • From CIS to CIS

Our rail freight services include:

  • Having contract with Turkmenistan government railway and expeditors in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan & Russia
  • Consultation for rail transportation organization & manner
  • Providing covered wagons, high edged, refrigerated, cistern wagons and platforms for export and transit shipments from Turkey to CIS and Afghanistan
  • Study for proper transportation route and selection suitable rolling stock
  • Carrying 20’ and 40’ containers to CIS and returning the empty container from CIS stations to turkey
  • Providing all types of wagons (platforms, covered or high edged wagons, refrigerated, transporter from holding companies
  • Obtaining all necessary loading permission plus providing all type of wagons from Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan railways for export shipments from those countries
  • Shipping all kinds of commodities from different stations in Turkey to CIS
  • Cargo Lashing
  • Providing the schematic of lashing and loading accordingly
  • Carrying all kinds of dangerous products and obtaining all necessary permissions
  • Carrying all kinds of huge, oversize cargos & providing the necessary licenses
  • Obtaining all necessary permissions for importing & transit legal goods through Sarakhs and Inche Boroun borders
  • Setting up the wagons in route stations
  • Providing daily tracing reports